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Hygienic and skin-friendly cleaning products

"We don't want to pollute the world anymore" is AUELA's promise. The Austrian brand knows cleanliness can go hand in hand with environmental awareness. With 100% biodegradable, vegan and certified organic products, AUELA respects ethical principles and takes responsibility for our natural resources. AUELA - washing & cleaning in a sustainable way!

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The organic pioneer Engelbert Perlinger created AUELA based on a detergent and cleaning agent made from the naturally growing soap nut. Soapnut trees belong to the soap tree family and are native to the tropical and subtropical regions of Asia. The shells of the nuts contain the main part of the detergent active ingredients, namely up to 20% saponins, so-called surfactants. AUELA uses these natural cleaning particles and thus creates a sustainable product range in traditional and gentle production.

Plus, AUELA is:

  • certified with the Austria Bio-Garantie
  • skin-friendly
  • vegan
  • made without animal testing
  • GMO free