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Handmade beeswax wraps for your household

These sustainable beeswax cloths from Beeofix are handmade in the Mostviertel, in western Lower Austria, by a traditional Austrian textile company. The fabric remnants used for this are certified according to OKOTEX-100 and make each piece unique. In addition, only regional, organically certified raw materials such as beeswax and sunflower oil are used. The organic beeswax comes from Upper Austria, the organic sunflower oil from the Lower Austrian Waldviertel and the tree resin from black pine comes from southern Lower Austria.

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Production takes place according to the zero-waste principle, which is why some beeswax clothes deviate slightly from the specified size. However, Beeofix guarantees that the area corresponding to the specified dimensions will be maintained.

Due to the manual processing and the use of natural materials and upcycled fabrics, there may be some small irregularities in appearance - however, these have no effect on the product properties.