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Resource-saving production from recyclable waste paper combined with qualitative comfort results in first-class hygiene products for daily use. The innovative Green Hygiene brand manages to produce common consumer goods in an environmentally friendly way - that means: 100% plastic-free, 100% recycled and 100% CO₂ neutral - and so the world, leaf by leaf, is becoming a bit greener.

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In addition to clean processing, climate and forest protection are clearly in the foreground with Green Hygiene. CO₂ is produced during paper production, which Green Hygiene uses modern plant technology, plastic-free packaging and effective transport routes - from production to the consumer - to stabilise a CO₂-neutral standard.
As part of Huchtemeier Papier GmbH, Green Hygiene can also call itself a climate partner of the United Nations for sustainable development and supports the project "Forest Protection, Mataven, Colombia", which supports sustainable forestry in endangered ecosystems. This initiative preserves 1,150,200 hectares of tropical rainforest and its biodiversity. This means the creation of infrastructure and social services for indigenous people as well as improved living conditions, economic growth and at the same time the protection of endemic plant species and forests.