Environmentally friendly washing with GUPPYFRIEND

Fine-mesh laundry bag to protect laundry and the environment

GUPPYFRIEND is a reusable laundry bag that is gentle on synthetic textiles and protects the environment from microplastic fibres.

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  • GUPPYFRIEND Laundry Bag
    • For synthetic clothing
    • Reduces fibre breakage
    • Retains plastic fibres

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Who tested the GUPPYFRIEND wash bag?
Does it really work and what are the results?

The GUPPYFRIEND wash bag was tested over a period of three years by scientific institutes, universities, representatives of the outdoor and textile industry, and retailers.

Tests were carried out with the following independent scientific institutes:

  • German Textile Research Center North-West, DTNW
  • Fraunhofer Institute UMSICHT
  • University of California at Santa Barbara as part of the Patagonia research program


The GUPPYFRIEND laundry bag prevents fibre loss during washing in two ways:

1.) The GUPPYFRIEND laundry bag drastically reduces the number of fibres that break off.

Tests by the Fraunhofer Institute UMSICHT resulted in the following on average:

  • 79% for semi-synthetic clothing
  • 86% for fully synthetic clothing. The clothes last much longer.

2.) Plastic fibres that break off during washing are retained in the bag and therefore do not pollute the wastewater. Fibre retention was greater than 90% in all tests, 100% in most cases. Nanoparticles, mostly residues from production, which can be found in particular on cheap textiles, cannot be retained in the laundry bag.