How To | A Clean Shower

How To | A Clean Shower

First things first: clear the shower of any containers, hygiene accessories and anti-slip inserts that are stored there. Rinse the entire shower with water to remove any rough dirt residues. 

Mix the following DIY cleaning mixture 

  • a cup of vinegar
  • ½ a cup of baking soda or lemon juice 
  • 4 liters of water 

Pour the mixture on a sponge and use to clean the tiles, grooves and fixtures. Dirt and limescale are effectively removed from the surfaces. 

Then tackle the shower door. Glass and plastic doors can be cleaned with white vinegar or with the help of a descaler that has hygienic properties. Sliding rails can be cleaned easily and effectively with an old toothbrush. A shower curtain is best placed in a washing machine to clean. 

Sometimes the shower fixtures can become clogged due to a layer of limescale that has accumulated on the surface. This inhibits clean, fresh water from run freely when the shower is turned on. Unscrew the shower head and place in a bucket filled with vinegar. Leave the shower head to soak in vinegar overnight if needed. A descaler can also be used, as it possesses disinfecting properties while effectively removing stubborn dirt and limescale.  

Dirt, grime and hair fallout gather in the drain. Remove the cap that covers the drain to free it from any fallout hair and clean the cap thoroughly. A mixture of water and citric acid can be poured into the drain to dissolve any remaining dirt. 

Biolindo recommends the following products for a sparkling clean shower free from bacteria, dirt and limescale: 

EKOS Bathroom Sanitary Descaler 

Officina Naturae Citric Acid Powder