sodasan - "One Ocean" with ozeankind

sodasan - "One Ocean" with ozeankind

Together against the flood of plastic

sodasan has always been a pioneer in environmental protection and sustainability. It is no coincidence that the eco-friendly pioneer's slogan reads "Clean up clean". It is therefore only logical that sodasan is committed to avoiding plastic waste. A few years ago, the product packaging was replaced with plastic made from recycled materials. Furthermore, the brand made the switch from larger containers to bag-in-box packaging. These relatively small gestures save huge amounts of plastic waste. But sodasan would like to do more! That is they are cooperating with the ozeankind association and supporting the cause with their "One Ocean" product line. The limited-edition collection consists of three products, from which a set amount from the proceeds will be donated to the organisation.

The oceans are essential to life

The seas cover 70% of the earth's surface and play a vital role in our lives. Regardless of whether you live on a coast or far away from an ocean, it has a fundamental meaning for all life on earth: it produces an inconsiderable amount of oxygen, supports the balance of the biosphere by mitigating the consequences of climate change and is home to a great variety of species, some of which are still undiscovered. Sadly, many people no longer respect the ocean or take care of it as they should. Its resources are diminished while anything that is no longer needed is simply thrown away. The shocking result is that hundreds of thousands of pieces of plastic waste swim in every square kilometre of the world's oceans, destroying life and habitats.

ozeankind® eV - not the solution, but part of the answer

In contrast to other environmental protection organisations, the ozeankind association has only one central topic, albeit an important one: plastic waste - recycling, upcycling and prevention thereof. Transparency is a top priority: all projects are transparent, tangible and immediate. Waste is collected, awareness of the topic of plastic waste is raised and, above all, ozeankind works together with children. The organisation has several bases in Germany, from which monthly clean-ups are organised. There is currently a project site in Zanzibar where the recycling company Zanrec is working as a partner and in cooperation with primary schools.

Our daily decisions make a difference

It is also important to make people aware that each individual CAN do something - decisions are made every day that can be part of the global solution - after all, each individual decides on a daily basis how much plastic waste is thrown away and also produced. But you should also be aware that every change, no matter how small, counts and helps in the long term.

sodasan supports ozeankind through financial sponsoring and joint projects.