Multikraft Bokashi Household Bucket Japan - 19L

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Why throw kitchen waste in the bin when you can turn it into fertiliser? This Bokashi household bucket is the ideal receptacle for organic waste. Special EM ceramic powder was added to the plastic material, which ensures optimal fermentation conditions.

  • Odourless recycling of organic waste
  • Production of solid and liquid fertilisers
  • Easy to transport thanks to the handle

Manufacture of fertiliser + necessary accessories (sold separately):

  • Shred kitchen waste a little
  • Sprinkle with dried Bokashi or RoPro litter
  • Spray with EM Active (hand sprayer)
  • Cover with a heavy object (sandbag etc.)
  • Drain the seepage (excellent liquid fertiliser)

After two weeks, the bokashi will ferment. At this stage, it is not yet a finished soil. Due to the acidic pH, it should be incorporated into the soil two weeks before planting and sowing.

The resulting liquid can be drained off at the rotary valve. Very diluted (1:1000 - 1:2000) it is an excellent fertiliser for flowers and can even be used to clean drains.

Types of Products: Waste Bins
Brands: Multikraft
Additional Information

Dimensions: H 41 x W 30 x D 30cm
Contents: approx. 19 litres

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