Najel Aleppo Soap Detergent Powder

The ecological way to do the laundry!

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This Aleppo Soap Detergent Powder was specifically designed for the washing machine. It is very efficient, biodegradable and hypoallergenic, i.e. not aggressive on the skin.

Even at low temperatures, this detergent achieves optimal results on both coloured and white garments. It is especially suitable for delicate fabrics and textiles.

Dilute washing powder in some warm water and pour it directly into the washing machine, follow the dosage indicated on the packaging.

Application: It is possible to replace fabric softener with an ecological product. It suffices to add some white wine vinegar to each machine. Your laundry will not be damaged by doing so and remains soft and odour-free. In addition, the white vinegar helps to remove lime deposits in the washing machine. Add essential oils to the laundry in the washing machine to give it your favourite scent.

To remove subborn stains, apply Aleppo Soap Detergent Powder to your garments, let it soak for 10 minutes and wash afterwards as usual.

It is a pleasant feeling to know that the laudry is not only clean and fresh but has also been done in an evironment-friendly way. Discover the ecological detergents by Najel!

Gestures, that help to protect the environment:

  • Sort your laundry according to their degree of pollution, to use the dosage properly.
  • Read the dosage instructions carefully, to avoid overdoses.
  • Learn about the water hardness.
  • Use a small dosage of detergent when doing little and light laundry.
  • Avoid pre-washing and make well-stocked wash cycles at low temperatures a priority: A wash cycle at 40 ° C consumes three times less than a machine at 90 ° C.
  • Favour front loaders: A front loader consumes less water and less energy than top-loaders.
Types of Products: Washing Powder
Brands: Najel
Additional Information

Content: Aleppo soap, antifoam (< 1%)

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