natural Household Cleaning Agents by Tadé Pays du Levant

Eco-friendly cleaning agents based on Aleppo soap

Tadé Pays du Levant offers eco-friendly and effective household cleansing agents based on Aleppo and Marseille soaps. Good for you and the environment!

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The Tadé Pays du Levant brand was born in 1995 when a passionate historian was introduced to the Middle East. The legendary Aleppo soap, which is made from olive oil and laurel oil, and which is the ancestor of the Marseille soap, comes from the Levant.

Tadé Pays du Levant is completely committed to fairtrade practices and operates according to strict ethical guidelines. The company's partners are craftsmen who benefit from the equal and sustainable partnership.

The brand is actively involved in long-term development aid, taking into account the ecological, economic and social environment of all those involved - campaigning for fairer trade. Solidarity, fairness, immediacy, transparency and dignity are the pillars of their company philosophy.